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Aquaporin Rejuvenate & Hydration Treatment

Aquaporin can balance oil secretion, effectively control oil, purify glandular tube, fine pores, repair holes and scars by using advanced biotechnology technology, unique infiltration technology and exclusive massage techniques or instruments. At the same time, it also can keep the moisture through the skin to control the water and oil balance.

Functions & Benefits:
1. Ultra Rejuvenate Mask
✅Natural astringent
✅Regulates natural sebum production

2. Ultra Oxyen Booster
✅Replenish moisture
✅Skin nourished

3. Ultra Aqua Massage Gel
✅Skin nourished
✅Completely balanced
✅Resist outer harms
✅Improved metabolizes of pigment

4. Intensive Energetic Mask
✅Good moisturizer
✅Improves hyperpigmentation

4 Steps of Aquaporin Rejuvenate & Hydration Treatment

Step1. Ultra Rejuvenate Masque
1.Wash face and apply Ultra Rejuvenate Masque onto skin.
2.Apply leftover serum and leave on for 5~10 minutes.
Use damp cloth / cotton pad to wipe off excess serum. (This can help cleanse dirts and impurities from pores.)

Step2. Ultra Oxygen Booster
1.Apply Ultra Oxygen Booster (in multiple times) to whole face and neck.
2.Massage skin to help better absorption.

Step3. Ultra Aqua Massage Gel
1.Dispense 10ml of Aqua Massage Gel and apply onto skin.
2.Massage skin until gel fully absorb.

Step4. Ultra Aqua Masque
1.Apply Ultra Aqua Masque onto skin.
2.Apply any leftover serum onto skin and massage.
3.Leave on for 15-20 minutes.
4.Rinse off with water and continue with skincare routine.

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