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IDEALIFT – Facial Treatment Program

Offers ultimate in relaxation and anti-aging in combination with the luxury skin care generation. Using only the finest high quality ingredients to treat the skin at the deepest level.
The multi-active ingredients protect your skin elasticity and prevent the free radicals. This treatment facial is specifically designed to fight against visible signs of fatigue and aging skin.

Functions & Benefits:
1. Skin Cell Supplement
✅Effectively moisturize & nourish skin
✅Fight against UV damage to the skin, inhibit melanin formation
✅Anti-Wrinkle, restores skin elasticity & brighten skin

2+3. Collagen Powder + Nutrition Essence
✅Gentle formula, lifts and tightens the skin
✅Smoothen face & neck wrinkles, nourish & moisture skin; improves enlarged pores

4. Intensive Energetic Mask
✅Efficient moisturizing, repairing cells and regenerating collagen
✅Activate skin elasticity and vitality, smooth fine lines
✅Inject nutrients for repairing damaged cells and remodel new cells
✅Make the skin full of health, vitality and elasticity, plump and lubricated

3 Steps of IDEALIFT – Facial Treatment Program

Prepare a brush and small bowl before starting.

Step 1. Skin Cell Supplement
1.Pour half of SCS into small bowl.
2.Use brush to apply SCS onto skin and decolletage.
3.Massage skin to help absorb faster.
( Pour the leftover SCS and apply to skin / Or Use them as serum in daily routine. )

Step2. Collagen Powder + Nutrition Essence
1.Pour C & N into small bowl and mix them well.
2.Apply mixture with brush onto skin, with in-to-outwards motion.
3.Massage and pull-up skin with fingers to achieve better effects.
( Apply mixture – Massage and repeat if require )

Step3. Intensive Energetic Mask
(Wait until C + N completely dried out)
1.Apply IEM onto skin and let it sit for 20 minutes.
2.Apply leftover essence onto skin and decolletage.
(After 20 minutes) Slightly massage and rinse off with water. Continue with toner, serum and moisturizer.

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