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How Friends Make you Healthier

Here are some Beauty Tips that friends can bond over :

Friendship helps to lengthen your life, improve your memory, and ward off disease. And GREAT NEWS is it doesn’t cost a penny!

Friends influence us

Friends make the world go round, or so the saying goes. But it seems their influence may be greater than we think. According to science, your chances of being happy increase if you’re surrounded by cheerful people. Happy spouses and partners help, too. Think of the couples you know who radiate good vibes – one person is usually influencing the other.

The strongest effect occurs if you have a happy friend who lives within 1.6km of you, giving you a 25 per cent chance of increased joy. “People’s happiness depends on the happiness with whom they are connected. This provides further justification for seeing happiness, like health, as a collective phenomenon,” the study found.

Friendship can helps you live longer
Image by Blue Zones

Elders in Okinawa, Japan, one of the original blue zones longevity hotspots, live extraordinarily better and longer lives than almost anyone else in the world. Moai, one of their longevity traditions, are social support groups that start in childhood and extend into the 100s. The Moai grows together, meeting regularly and providing companionship from childhood until death — and helping its members feel respected, valued, and loved well into old age.

In small neighborhoods across Okinawa, friends “meet for a common purpose” (sometimes daily and sometimes a couple days a week) to gossip, experience life, and to share advice and even financial assistance when needed. They call these groups their Moai.

Friends can make you Glow

Friends can make you feel and look better in many ways! GIRL BONDING. Sharing beauty tips and secrets are one of the things women can bond over and even make your friendship even stronger.

They also support you in any way possible. They’re happy for you when you achieve something, and they support you when you need help. Ultimately, your friends help you bring out your best beautiful self. This includes looking good and feeling good about yourself.

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