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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Just a friendly reminder: Mother’s Day is just two weeks away! Don’t end up hovering at the last hour around the Mother’s Day section at the card store. There’s nothing like a little planning ahead; order a gift now and you’ll be thrilled when the day is near!

Here’s a lovely idea: pick up a sweet little basket and load it with skin care products and our exclusive Rose Quartz Gua Sha Board (that match her makeup desk, of course!). You could get her a gift set OR an assortment of things you’d think she’d like! We recommend:

+ Cell Formula – Age Defying I & II: a precious and luxury pair of serum that improves firmness and elasticity, significantly reducing wrinkles and fine lines, and improve dehydration and dry skin.

+ Cell Formula – Camu Oxygen Serum: to help brighten up skin for the perfect glow. 

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( Age Defying Set & Camu Oxygen Serum )

+ Aquaporin Masque Program: our most loved formula and combination in hydrating, brightening and anti-(early)-aging.

+Cos Plus Paper Masque: you will never go wrong with our top recommended facial masque to pamper yours and mama’s skin.

+Advanced Brightening Serum: new type of serum to make you glow, shine, and look younger like never before!

+Rose Quartz Gua Sha:  helps to stimulate collagen production and firm up sagging facial muscles. Smoothens and reduces wrinkles. Improve dark circles and bags.

Not sure what Mama will like? Reach out to us via WhatsApp to customize a perfect routine for her!